A Female Perspective

The subject of human beauty, a word which for me goes far beyond visual, has been on my mind since November 2018 when I took my usual mix of male and female paintings to Art Source for exhibiting.

My huge observation was that nearly all of my original female paintings sold yet only a handful of my males did, hence my house is full of men! I was curious to explore the factors. Simply, I can understand that female buyers will feel a connection to the female character being a reflection in some way of themselves. I’d like to feel that the male can identify himself in a character too, not just recognising strengths but vunerabilities too. I wonder though is social history still in charge, leading the art market to favor depictions of women?

Taking a look backwards I found it facinating (if not a bit shocking) to learn that although many female artists’ lives were as rich in artistic relationships as their male counterparts, it can be difficult to find depictions of the men that were these artists’ lovers, friends, and muses. For example, a ban on female artists drawing nude models from the Renaissance until the early 20th century meant that, despite the innumerable female nudes filling museums, the erotic gaze of female artists was kept in check. How do you fancy that?!! Time has moved on but this legacy seems to still prevail.

My wish is to keep the balance and let the men be admired just as much as the women for their strangeness, connection, colour, personality and of course beauty.

Karen Hickey1 Comment